Multiple Imported bank statements with transfers

Hi I am new to manager but I have to say it’s an amazing piece of work. myob just doesn’t cut it anymore.

So the situation is this particular business has two bank accounts, I’ve imported both bank statements and now I have some bank transfers between the two accounts which manager has recognised as receipts on one account and payment on the other.

As of the moment I don’t see any way to deal with this. If I delete the transactions and create a transfer, the next time I import the bank statements they will be added again.

If you have any suggestions I would like to know. Thanks.

The way I handle this is to create an equity account called “Bank Transfers” and after importing both bank account transactions I assign all transfers between them from suspense to “Bank Transfers”. After all transactions are assigned in this way the “Bank Transfers” account will add up to zero. I hope this helps.


Oh yes brilliant that would work quite well. Thanks so much for the fast response @esenicki.