Bank statement import - cash deposit

After importing the bank statement, how can we enter a cash deposit (transfer), shown as unrecognized receipts but not in list to change it as from cash account.

You are trying to categorize money received in bank account as a transfer from some cash account. Is that right?

yes sir.

i just came upon this one after importing my first bank statement.
after depositing daily cash sales into the bank at the end of the day, then importing my bank statement i have an entry with description of “Cash deposit at branch” - amount $208.00 currently allocated to the Suspense account
if o follow the below example will that show debit of $208.00 on my cash account? or do i also have to add a ‘spend money’ from the cash account to the bank account? it only seems to be half of the job

this example seems to cover bank to bank (possibly also covers cash to bank)
is this still the best method to record this transaction after importing a bank statement?

Without reading that entire thread, @Nocor, I would be cautious about taking advice from a posting so old. The entire protocol for bank–now cash–accounts has been changed a lot since then.

The deposit is recorded. Only allocation to the proper account remains to be done. Do not create an additional transaction via Spend Money. Just allocate the imported deposit. Since you said this deposit represents daily cash sales, change it to an income account.

In telling you this, I am assuming you were not making individual entries to Manager for all the sales during the day. If, however, you were, and the deposit is a transfer from one cash account to another (remember that bank accounts are now cash accounts), I would personally delete the deposit from the imported statement and replace it with a Transfer Money operation.

so to rephrase and clarify slightly (and possibly solve my own problem)
i think because i havent yet added in these older transactions that it has confused the situation a little. if i was up to date with data entry then it would have been correctly identified

if i add a Transfer from petty cash to bank account (yes, the way it should be entered) AND THEN import the statement then it is correctly identified correctly.
so that means (and i have tested) that yes i can delete the current entry thats been imported and tagged to the Suspense account and simply add in a transfer from petty cash to bank and even when importing the statement again it correctly identifies the transaction.

@Tut i was half way through typing this reply when you answered - its great to know that im on the right path. when attempting something new in bulk i like to make sure im entering it correctly as to not create a mess down the track. thanks again

oh and yes sales had already been entered into manager as cash, hence i had to use transfer instead of receive. all sorted i think