Multiple e-mail addresses for sending invoices etc

I apologize if I’ve missed something but it appears that I get to put in only 1 e-mail address for my company and everything goes through that.

I have two division which run under the same accounting program. Each has it’s own template for invoices, delivery notices, etc. To this point I’ve had to create a PDF and then e-mail the items out as necessary for a big chunk of my customers since they wouldn’t recognize the single e-mail available to me in the setup.

Is there (or could there be) a way to associate an e-mail with a template so each division could send out e-mails with the appropriate address?


There is not currently a way. What you are doing gives you the most flexibility.

I get that - I’m just always looking for a way to streamline things since I am the only person handling all the accounting for our company. So - take it as a suggestion.


You could create an email address that represents both divisions:
Name 1 - Name 2 @

In our case, that would be even more confusing for our customers. Our 2 divisions have URLs of their own ( and so we’d have to set up something entirely new and that messes with anyone who set one of our companies as a ‘favorite’ in their browser. Thanks for the suggestion though.