Multiple Delivery Notes / Goods Receipts

Just noticed that it is possible to create multiple delivery notes / goods receipts from the same sales / purchase invoice.

Is there a way of flagging an invoice so that the delivery note / goods receipt can only be done once?

I realise it doesn’t affect the qty owned, but it creates negative qty to deliver / qty to receive entries that will then need to be found, investigated and then deleted. It would be better to prevent it than spend time correcting it if possible.

Invoices and delivery notes/goods receipts don’t know about each other at all.

And they shouldn’t… not every delivery has a corresponding invoice upfront (supplier can ship items before issuing an invoice - e.g. they will bill you at the end of the month for all shipments or when goods are actually sold to your customers).

The point is, if you make a bookkeeping error, you will discover it fairly soon by Manager telling you something that cannot be possibly true. Then you click on the figure, discover some transaction has been entered twice, remove duplicate and everything is back to normal. It’s easy to fix a mistake like that.

And when you order something and supplier will send you two separate shipments which relate to single invoice, you will appreciate when Manager doesn’t stand in your way and will just let you record what happened.