Merging company files

Hi there everyone! Is it possible to merge two company files?
We have two branches, both are about to start using Manager.
I would like to be able to do this:

  1. At the end of each financial year, I need to produce statements that combine both branches together. I imagine I will need to merge all data together into one company. I imagine copying the file for each branch onto my PC and merging them somehow into one; then using that new file to produce combined statements. The branches will continue using separate files.

  2. Also, in the future, if we decide to start using Server Edition instead, I imagine merging the files for good and using the server.
    In each chart of accounts, some accounts are branch-specific, and some are to be combined.
    Bank accounts are separate.

there is no possibility of combining two or more business files.
this is because there is no practical and legal use of it if the two business are actually separate.

the statements can still be exported from both business separately and combined in a spreadsheet program.

if the business is same but operated from different locations, then the user can opt for server or cloud editions of Manager which are multi-user capable.
in such a scenario the chart of accounts can be designed in such a manner that the accounts specific to a particular business location can be used. even user restrictions can be set on these editions.

Ok, I see… no problem. Thanks for the clarity!
While on the topic - is it possible to start with desktop edition and migrate the file to server edition later?

Yes. It uses the same data format.

@otlichnik - read this topic

Thank you everyone!
Is there a way here to close the thread/topic or mark it “solved”? Or do we just leave it alone if resolved

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