Multicurrency problem

There is a particular purchase I made in USD (my base currency is SAR)
but whenever I sold those items my cost price shows the amount in USD as SAR.
The item was 7.7$ each. But inventory-cost shows as 7.7SAR
I’ve been breaking my head trying different ways to fix it but I cant.

I tried making a new purchase from the same supplier and then making a new sales, this time it shows correctly.
Does this mean I have to delete all the transactions in that order, and it will get fixed?

You need to furnish more specific, detailed information, probably with screen shots. Multi-currency transactions are, in my opinion, the most difficult things to understand in Manager. Foreign currencies are linked to customers, suppliers, employees, and cash accounts. But inventory items are valued in your base currency. So it is very easy to go astray.

Probably not. You should just be able to edit whichever aspect of the sequence you got wrong. It seems that your second try went well. So the question is how that was different from the first time around.

This is the supplier, currency is in USD

This is the purchase invoice, also in USD

This is the payment for purchase, made in SAR, I also put the USD in optional box.

Amount shows correctly in the average cost in Inventory:

One of the sales invoice.

But under expenses, it shows this 7.7 where it should show 28.87

The first time I tried to recreate another sales and purchase it worked… I tried it again now, it didnt work, I dont know what I did wrong.
I have another business in Manager that also has a multicurrency purchase and sale and it works just fine.

Do u see where the mistake it?

Can you post screen shots of relevant exchange rates on the dates of the various transactions? I think the problem is related to the fact that you bought the books at US$7.70. The issue may lie in how and when this amount was converted to SAR.

Also, what is the SAR 24.03 line item posted to Suspense? Nothing should ever be posted to Suspense. That’s an account where Manager saves unbalanced or incomplete transactions until you can resolve them. I don’t think that would have affected inventory cost, but without knowing what it was, I can’t be sure.

I thought exchange rate was automatic, there is just one entry in exchange rate.

also,why does the average cost show up correctly in the inventory?

the 24.03 is bank charges, ive added the account after screenshot.

@Tut so there is a fix I found, when I remove the link to the invoice in payment, the charges show up right, when the payment is linked to the invoice, its messed up.

but in the other business, invoice is linked to payment and it still shows right. Where do u think the problem is?