Multi Level Chart of Accounts

I am using Manager 16.7.30 on Win 7 64bit Pro.
I have read older posts about this feature, but cannot find how to set up Multi Layer Accounts to say Four Levels in this version.
I find this feature to be absolutely necessary for general business accounting.

Can you please advise current situation for this topic and if it is there, how do I use it when setting up Chart of Accounts.

You cannot. You can do groups, but only one level within them. You can do custom control accounts (so far only for cash accounts), but only one level.

For something you consider “absolutely necessary,” thousands of users get along without it.

Not sure why you would require 4 levels but by the use of Groups you can do multi levels. The following screenshots is the P&L Report

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You can actually go unlimited levels.


My mistake. Sorry to mislead you, @Nasho23.

Thank You, I can see what you mean, but how do you actually achieve the set up of, say, 4 Levels as shown under Marketing. That is exactly what I need. Do you make the First Three Control Accounts??? then under the Third the different Accounts you wish to monitor and use to record the transactions.

No, you make the first three “New Group”

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Thank you Brucanna,

You have helped me to work this out.



Dear @Nasho23 how did you design your 4 level Chart of Account using Group option. plz let me know.

By using the “New Group” button. When you create your 2nd level Group you allocate it to a 1st level Group and so on, such that when you create your 4th level Group you allocate it to a 3rd level Group.

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@Brucanna Thank you dear :grinning:

Unlimited Subs Account. The only limited is your creativity. lol

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