Multi language support

I have now moved to a new company that provides consultancy / advice to startups with regard to accounting and am considering recommending Manager given my use of it for a year now.

As I’m based in the Middle East, I will be needing multi language support. I understand that by switching language preferences, I can achieve this to an extent. However, I was also wondering if it possible to have in the chart of accounts 2 columns that will for example allow input the account heads in language 1 & language 2. If language 2 is left blank, the default language 1 maybe used. If not, reports / summary, etc displayed by choosing from a drop down.

The reason for this is that in the Middle East, most use Arabic as the default language. Most accountants that actually use the accounting package however may not know Arabic. Having 2 columns for the account heads in the chart of accounts will help multiple users within the same company to use the language of choice.