Moving Money from Cash account to Bank Accounts


I have been unable to move money to move money from cash account to bank accounts. (Without using Transfer option).

I was able to change before “receive on” but now I can’t… why not? What’s the change? Now I have to delete and create the payment again in the new account.


Are you talking about the field being disabled?

If so, what was your use case. How did you use this feature?



Ours stores receive cash money from customers (i create a Cash account for every store).

So thats how i know for example Lukas lubos bought a Product A and pay the Sale Invoice in CASH. Then i send a messenger to make deposits to bank exactly how i receive every payment.

If i transfer money from cash account to bank account i will not being able to know how payme so easy. I will have to check cash accounts and then again bank accounts…

before was easy to me just change Paid from (receive on), to Cash Account Store A to Bank Account HSBC, and was easy to track the customer payment, customer who paid etc…

Now i have to delete and back to create the payment in other account, because the transfer feature doesnt do what i want or need.

thanks lubos.


If you use this workflow, how do you reconcile your bank accounts? Or you don’t use bank reconciliation feature at all?


I use the same workflow, so I am having the same problem. I don’t use the bank reconciliation feature yet, given the very early stage of my business.


lubos, is there any update on this issue? For the time being, I am just accruing Cash entries, waiting to see if the feature is added back so I can move them to the bank account.


I am not sure I understand what your problem is. If your workflow is similar to @luishberry, you can implement things this way:

  1. Create a cash account for each store.
  2. Receive money into the cash accounts when retail sales occur.
  3. When you take the cash to the bank, Transfer money from the store’s cash account to the bank account.
  4. Since all transaction will be in real time, you don’t need to use Uncleared Deposits or Uncleared Payments. Bank reconciliation for these cash transfers consists only of verifying the statement balance.

Now, if you also write and deposit cheques, and want to track uncleared items separately, then you can use the Uncleared columns. That is a separate issue.

These are very simple transactions in Manager, nothing complex at all. I do not believe you should be waiting for anything, because the features you need already exist.


Thanks tut, now this kind of transaction is possible. In past version wasn´t.

With the new features i can clear or unclear every deposit, and select where is the money (cheque, credit card payment etc on shop1, shop3) and move it when i receive the money to deposit in banks.