Transferring between bank accounts by check

I came up against a specific use case for writing checks that should be considered as work continues on the Bank Accounts tab. This may have been covered already in other threads about recent changes. But I couldn’t find it, so I’ll start a new topic.

I have 2 bank accounts: a checking account and a credit card account. Previously, when the credit card statement came, I would transfer money from checking to pay it in Manager. But I was actually writing a check. Today I tried to pay the credit card statement by using the New Cheque button, only to discover I couldn’t debit the check to the credit card account. So I had to revert to the Transfer Money approach.

The problem, of course, is that the check I sent to the credit card company hasn’t been presented, so my Statement Balance and Unpresented Cheques numbers will both be wrong until that check is presented.

It seems to me this use case should be allowed by Manager.

Yes, this is completely valid use-case. The upcoming version will allow this.

@lubos, whatever fix you made to a previous version no longer seems available after further modifications of the overall Bank Accounts scheme. Specifically, under Uncleared Payments, when spending money, other bank accounts are not available.

Can the fix be restored?