Moving manager to another machine

Hi I have purchased another computer and would like to know how to transfer manager files to the new machine or is it just login?..

If Manager is hosted on a server in a network environment, just configure the new machine and log in.

If it’s desktop version, make a backup of the business in the old computer and install Manager on the new computer.
Copy the backup onto the new computer.

Go to add Business and select import backup.

Locate the backup and and select it.


When @Abeiku says “copy the backup onto the new computer,” he doesn’t mean copy literally. His instructions for importing are correct. But copying and pasting Manager files leads to problems.

The important thing to understand is that when you back up your accounting file from the old machine, you must do that on a drive that will be accessible to the new machine. This could be in the cloud somewhere, on a shared network drive, or even a USB flash drive. The only way you can successfully transfer using the old machine is if both computers will be accessible to one another on a shared network.