Moving customer address field on payment advice

Is there any way to move the customer name and address on a payment advice form - it would be much more convenient if it showed in the standard window face DL envelope - also would be great for other standard forms.

First, there is no universal location for envelope windows.

Second, you can do this with a custom theme, but themes are on the way out, so not recommended.

So the answer is basically that there is no way.

Thank you for the response
While there may be no legislated position for windows in envelopes in Australia, there are accepted conventions which are adopted by most producers/printers. They are designed to help streamline mailing and reduce costs.

Would it be possible for the Australian version to have the address field on all standard mailed documents moved to comply? There must still be thousands of these document mailed each day despite the shift to email/cloud (which is our preference). It really would make life easier, and wouldn’t seem to interfere with anything else on those documents.
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Custom themes are still active so I would create a new one for this. Another option is to use the HTML breaking ( <br> ) and non-breaking space ( &nbsp; ) in each customer’s address to position it as desired. If that’s too much work then print the address by using a word envelope template, or buy and use a label printer.

BTW, still printing on paper sounds very '80s to me and a terrible waste of resources.

There is no separate Australian version. There is only an Australian localization, which merely makes use of existing features.

Thanks Mark and Tut
Just to explain - the account I am working on is an Historical Society, with a number of elderly members who do not have email, Their preferred communication is email, but not an option for these ones. Also understand the localization now, thanks for the info.
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