Customer address position on invoices and statements

Can you let me know if the positioning of the Customer Address on Invoices and Statements is formatted for US standard windowed envelopes? If so, would it be possible to develop standard formats for other countries. The format could be determined by selection in the general preferences. Alternatively, it might be good to provide the current layout details to help users know the appropriate envelope sizes required to ensure the Customer Address details appear in the window of the envelope.
Let me take this opportunity to thank you for the work on this magnificent tool. It’s fantastic.


No, it isn’t. Its position can depend on the height of the logo and varies from theme to theme. But you can adjust it by developing a custom theme. The layout details of each built-in theme are obvious by looking at their code under Settings. And the necessary changes would be simple. If they aren’t obvious to you, that’s a good indicator that you should hire a programmer who knows HTML and Liquid to do it for you.