More fields for Transactions tables in Custom Reports

Custom reports are great, however very limited when it comes to the Transactions tables, for example I want to get a list of outstanding Purchase Invoices by Due Date as there appears to be no report that provides this directly, not even via export (please help me here if I am wrong).

When I select the Purchase Invoices Table, the only fields available to me are

Description, IssueDate and Reference, not a lot I can do with these fields.

Can you please addd the following fields

SupplierName, DueBy, Amount and AmountOutstanding (or Balance) at the header level, not worried about line level.

I would think other users may want this for Sales Invoices too?


You get everything you mentioned by exporting the Purchase Invoices tab, except due date is given in terms of status (Due in x days, y days overdue, Paid in full).

Hi @Tut, Thanks for the response, again that does not meet the ability to quickly obtain what is currently due or overdue as this extracts ALL purchase Invoices, not just the outstanding invoices and requires manipulation of the data extracted, however thanks for pointing this ability to export out .

Remember that, when exporting, the unpaid invoices are listed first, and you can copy only those instead of the entire list.