Monthly Spreadsheet

I am looking for a way to customize the P&L to show a monthly breakdown of categories similar to the way the balance sheet shows running monthly amounts and YTD. Is this possible ?

Thank you - I love the simplicity of the program thus far but really need this feature

Like this?

Here’s the report settings



This is exactly what I am looking for - by I cannot get the dates in the format you showed - they keep correcting to normal calendar format and this does not give me the information I am seeking - can you share the secret with me as to how to input the dates as you showed ?

Thank you for taking the time to help me with this - I truly appreciate it.

Marg Campbell

Change your date format. See the Guide:

I’m not sure what you mean here - can you post an image of your edit on the report

I have attached the format I am using to attempt to get a monthly report for Jan - Apr and totals thereof. I have attached a copy of the report I am getting through Manager as well a spreadsheet showing what it should look like - any help you can give me would be awesome

Thanks again


No attachments in sight - where are they supposed to be?


Am trying to send the attachments again:

How are you uploading or attaching the files?

If it’s a screen image, just paste it into the body of the reply. If it’s a fil eg Excel, use the Upload symbol to attach the file - the upload symbol is the 7th from left with an Up arrow

If you are Windows, the Microsoft snipping tool (search for it in the Windows search icon) is good


I have it figured out how to get each monthly calculation - thanks for your patience

Marg Campbell

You can’t send attachments to the forum via Email.

I figured it out - thanks for following up though