Particular Monthly figures / Custom reports?

I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me or point me in the right direction, as I’m still getting my head this great programme!

So I used to do all my accounting on excel Doc. Could anyone tell me if its possible to view the information similar to the below Xcel Doc for a particular month? I’m looking to view all the categories in a particular month and the total spend cost as well as the vat. I’m assuimg there is a customs report I could do to show this information? If so please could tell me how this is done?

I’m also would like to view the end of year figures as seen below in the excel Doc, again I’m sure this is the same producer as above?

Thanks Steve

As long as you are a bit flexible in appearance you can produce very similar
The standard P&L report can be one month or many months/total by adding comparative columns - you can create the reports by going to Reports tab and selecting P&L

And the accounts would be displayed vertically rather then horizontally

The vat would depend if it’s being expensed or being recovered (vat return). If expensed, then it just a separate P&L account, but if its being recovered then no, as the vat is handled via the Balance Sheet account.

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