Mojave Update not Working


I have currently updated to Mojove and Manager seems to be not working only white screen ?

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I have the same problem with Mojave update!

Mee to … after Mojove its failing to start…

Same here!

same here, just a white screen in the Manager window

All of you should search before posting. There are already multiple topics about this.

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The latest version (18.9.98) doesn’t fix the issue but it contains workaround until the issue is fixed permanently.


this works great at the moment, thank you,

also I can export pdf which was not working for me.

Dear Manager team Thanks for rapid response (Due to issue with macOS 10.14 Mojave, desktop edition will need to be started in a web-browser)—>> its working grate

Thanks for the workaround. Works fine for me.

I see in this forum that Manager V18.9.98 is supposed to fix this White Window problem with OS Mojove??
Where do I get it?
The only download I see available on the Manager website is for v 18.11.5.

@Amira, don’t double post your questions.

I did not double post. I discovered information about V18.9.98, which had mentioned it had fixed this problem and other problems. I created a new conversation about that subject, since my first post was not specifically about V18.9.98.

Do you have anything constructive to provide about how to find V18.9.98, or how to fix this problem with the white window?

Your posts were both about Manager not working with Mojave. The fix for that was released almost a month ago. It was announced on the Releases page, mentioned in several Forum threads, and featured in the November newsletter.

No, because it is obsolete, and outdated versions of the program are not available for download.

Yes. Update to the current version as the developer told you in the other thread.