Osx Mojave

I upgraded to os mojave and now manager doesn’t seem to work .

And I thought I was backing up properly but not so sure now .

I can see other posts about Mojave now and it
looks like maybe Manager is not upgraded yet .


You missed the announcements that Manager was made compatible with Mojave in early October. Update your software.

Hi Tut

I have updated to Mojave but just get a white blank screen .

Have I not completed the update ?


… but have you updated Manager? The current version is 18.11.58.

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Can I just download the latest manager then and all my work will be there ?



Manager updates in-place, so it won’t delete any of your existing data files.

Ok , thankyou …


Your data is not in the program. Your data is stored in a separate data file the program calls. The new program version will:

  • Modify the data file structure if required for any new feature
  • Use the same or modified file afterwards

Of course, always make a backup before updating, just in case.