Modified manager

Hello, i’m not a coder or scripter but i know somebody who would lke to make some changes on the server edition for me.
Is manager writen in php?? The demo version only has dll files??
Thanks already!!!

Manager is a commercial software application, not open source code. Don’t expect help on how to hack it on the forum.

Manager is written in C#, I believe. But as @Tut mentioned, it’s proprietary software and modification is not permitted.

You may be interested in upcoming changes to the application that will allow you to build plugins and change functionality that way. It is likely to be an officially-supported way to make changes, and may be flexible enough to do what you want. At this stage, information is limited.

The REST API is also available, if you simply want to retrieve information … process it a bit … then save it back to the business file.

Thank you folks for responding!!
Any idea when we can start writing plugins?? When will this be possible?

I don’t think there’s an ETA on that yet. Keep an eye on the announcements in this forum, as lubos will mention it when it’s available.

Just wondering: any update on ETA for plugin functionality?