Missing status tab in cash payment

When I click on a receive a payment in the invoice view,
And select Cash Account, I don’t see a selection for the payment status.
The whole payment status selection is not visible. While for the Bank Payment the selection is visible.

Using desktop edition Manager 17.10.0

(Edit reason, added extra info)

If you are referring to the Cleared status, that is applicable only for bank transactions.
there is no point in having such a status for cash transactions as they are assumed to be immediate.

Well That is not necessary true. You can create an invoice what is paid later.

Or even after the due date. But the invoice is pained but still has the states due?
While yes the payment was late, the overall payment is cleared. ans should have status cleared? Right or am I missing something.

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After a recent update, if you have not entered any specific due date for an invoice, Manager assumes the due date to be the same as Invoice date. Therefore, the invoice status will be shown as overdue.

Regarding the payment i am not sure i understand you properly. you will have to explain better and if possible some screenshots can help.

You only create a Cash Transaction when cash has changed hands. So if the customer has not yet paid you, no Cash Transaction should exist.

Once the customer has paid – assuming that they paid with cash – you would create a Cash Transaction.

If creating a Cash Transaction, which represents the payment of a Sales Invoice…

  1. Set the Account field to be Accounts receivable.
    16 pm

  2. Choose the customer using the new field that appears once you’ve completed Step 1.

  3. Choose an invoice using the new field that appears once you’ve completed Step 2, OR, leave the invoice field blank if you want Manager to allocate the payment to all of that customer’s outstanding invoices automatically.
    45 pm

You might benefit from reading these Guides:


Here is the situation.

Currently I am operating in Myanmar. Myanmar has no banking system, as we are used to in the Western word. Every payment is almost done in cash. To prepare the cash payment for my customers they need an invoice, with this invoice they can go to their accounting department and get the money. (There is no due date) When they pay, I need to clear the balance. And when they pay after creating the invoice on the payment statement is written, DUE…

So for my it is strange that If my invoice has no due date, Manager still works with a due date, “Manager assumes the due date to be the same as Invoice date”, while I am not specifying a due date.

To overcome this I have to create a invoice, go to the customer, get the money after a while, delete the original invoice, and make a new invoice and immediately go to receive money.

And when a cash payment is done, which was over due. in the total overview of the sales invoices the status stays due.
How can a payment still have the status “due”, while it is payed? than it is not due any more… as payment has been done.

Screen shots attached.

1: Screenshot, is when the payment is done by bank account. Good
2: Screenshot1, the invoice is created, and it says due in 10 days. (I have never setup a due date for this invoice, left it blank)
3: ScreenShot2, in the invoice module, I click on receive money and make the selection “new Back transaction”
4: ScreenShot3, in this payment module, the status dropdown list is visible, and the status cleared can be used.
5: Screenshot4, Now I select “new Cash transaction”
6: Screenshot5, in this payment module the status dropdown list is not visible, and I am not able to use status cleared.






what is the invoice date? is the invoice date and due date showing the same dates?
have you set any default due date? click the set default text in blue and check.


that is exactly how cash transactions should be. there is no point in having a cleared date for cash transaction. you cannot assume the cash is on its way and will reach you on a specific date. a cash transaction is made only when the actual cash is received.

Yes I understand. But this is exactly how it works here… sorry, I did not invent this…
The default due date was set to 14 days. But the 14 days does not matter for cash payments as you explained, cash payments done a couple of days after the creation date (within the due date of 14 days) of the invoice will automatically have the status due… and that is exactly my point…

On the invoice we state due 14 days, the customer pays within 14 days by cash, but on the statement it is due…

edit Clarification

This is true, Manager assumes that if you issue a Sales Invoice then it is expected that the sales invoice will be due for payment at some point in time therefore if you don’t specify a due date then Manager will use the issue date as the due date otherwise the alternate assumption is that with no due date implies that the sales invoice is never payable - which is unlikely.

Why can’t you just put the money that the customer gives you against the original invoice ?
Receiving Money against the original invoice or against the replacement invoice makes absolutely no difference. An Invoice is an Invoice, Manager doesn’t make any distinction between one or another.

Possibly because the payment hasn’t been processed correctly ?

Can I suggest that instead of posting transactions in “VIEW” mode, use “EDIT” mode then you can just post the accounting information without private information. So pick an invoice you are having difficulties with and post the Sales Invoice “edit” mode and the Receive Money “edit” mode, ensuring that information is shown which shows that they are related.

Due Dates and Cleared status etc. are only reference information points, they don’t impact on the transactions or there processing.

I do this so I get rid of the due… I delete the original invoice, create a new invoice and click on receive money. As the payment is don immediately (same day) I get rid off, the due statement.

For me it is strange (maybe normal) that a Bank payment may take time until the due date, and a cash cannot.

You never had a situation, that you received an invoice from a shop, stating “due in 14 days”, you go to the shop, and pay after 5 days? And after payment, you get the payment statement and see “Due”…

The problem is I have to send the invoice first, after a couple of days I receive the money, by courier. this is the situation in Myanmar, as the country is big and hardly any (banking) infrastructure.

Or is there an other way of doing this, I cannot create an invoice an pay directly while I didn’t receive the money yet. So please advice.

if you are worried about the due date appearing on the invoice, just follow the steps in the below post.

you can create a sales quote with the invoice number (you can rename the heading also) and make a delivery note when sending the materials. after receiving the payment make the sales invoice with the same invoice number and date as provided earlier in the sales quote.

Thanks for all your support. I try both solutions, While I think the last one is more workable and more easily to adapt in my organization.

I think you are misunderstanding the process - lets work through an example.

1 Create an Invoice dated Oct 1 with a due in 14 days - so Oct 15

2 As at the start of today - Oct 7 - the Invoice is showing due in 8 days

3 Receive payment today for the full amount

4 Now the Invoice is “Paid in Full”, no Due to get rid of or any deleting and re-creating a new invoice.

The status “Cleared” has absolutely nothing to do with the “due date”. The Cleared has to do with the type of funds being banked. If you bank “cash” then they are cleared funds however if you are banking “cheques” then they are uncleared funds as your bank hasn’t yet collected cash (in lieu of the cheque) from your customers bank - once the cash has been .

With Cash Accounts you don’t have cleared/uncleared as you have received actual cash.

Where do you see this “Due” after the payment has been made.

Another explanation for “cleared” status @rvasten:

If money is cleared, you can spend it. If it is not cleared, you cannot spend it.

Example 1: Receive cash from courier
You have $0. Courier drops off $50 cash. You immediately have $50 and can spend it. You can walk across the road and buy your lunch with it. So there is no need for status.

Example 2: Receive cheque from courier
You have $0. Courier drops off $50 cheque. You need to give the cheque to the bank, and then wait a few days, and then you’re finally allowed to spend it. Status is needed to say whether you are able to spend it yet. Even if you want to buy your lunch with it as soon as the courier arrives… you cannot.

Dear all,

For now Manager is working as expected. I want to thank you all for you input, thoughts and feedback.

One last question, the self hosting version of Manager is working the same as the free version?
and can I import the data from the free version into the commercial version>

the functionality of all Manager editions remain the same except the multi-user accounts which is not available in Desktop edition.


As sharpdrivetek replied, yes you can.

But here’s the relevant guide for how to do that: https://www.manager.io/guides/8890

Perform the backup from the Desktop Edition, you’ll end up with a .manager file.
Restore that backup into Server Edition (self-hosted edition).