Missing new lines in mail template

Hi all.
I modernized my mail templates for sending sales invoices with the following code:

Dear customer - {{ recipient.name }} att.
{% for field in fields %}{% if field.label =="Ordrenummer" %}{% assign refNr = {{field.text }} %}{% endif %}{% endfor %}

Regarding. ordre nr. {{refNr}} we herby send:
Invoice {{reference}}
Service /Activity report.

Pleas find relevant documents attached as PDF

It looks fine in the template editor, but in the copy of the email i got, all information was on one single line as illustrated below.

Dear customer - xxxxxxxx att. Regarding. ordre nr. yyyyyyyyyyy we herby send: Invoice zzzzz Service /Activity report. Pleas find relevant documents attached as PDF. Regards – “my personal information etc.”

Any idea how to avoid this?
Or simply don’t do include code in in the template.
Just to clarify the code must be in a single line, as any thing outside {} will be written into the mail (ie. spaces, new lines, etc.)

(If you find some odd words in the a bow - it’s Danish…)
Edit: I’m using stand alone version if that matters.

Email templates use HTML. So insert a <br> tag for a line break.