Email template for debtors no CR/LF

While making the template for debtors everything looks ok. See picture 1.

After sending, the receiver sees in her or his emailprogram picture 2.

Am I doing something wrong?
Template for invoices etc. works fine.

If you are sending emails as plain text, make sure under Email Settings, you are not sending emails as HTML.

Setting is HTML, please see picture.

Other email templates are working fine.

if you have set it as HTML, then you should make the email templates with HTML codes to render properly.

For example, you need to insert the code <br> wherever you want the line to break.

Thank you very much. I feel very stupid for not using the html codes.
Have been looking to the other fine working templates, but just didn’t see the html codes.
Getting older I guess.
Thanks a lot for directing me, and sorry for any inconvenience.