Missing field for Custom Report

I need to produce a report of billable hours for a client, not in the form of an invoice but in the form of a report. Up to now, I’ve been providing a screenshot of the Billable Time screen filtered on the client’s name. That works, but it’s ugly. I thought I might create a Custom Report from the Billable Time table, but when I do that, the Time Spent variable is missing from the Select drop-down so I can’t include it as a column in my report. Why isn’t it there?

Custom reports functionality is still under development. Eventually, access to everything has been promised.

Meanwhile, rather than sending your customer a screen shot, why not:

  • Search for the client’s name in the Billable Time tab.
  • Export the list, but copy only the range of entries for dates in question (generally the most recent).
  • Paste into a spreadsheet.
  • Format as desired, adding a title and header information as necessary.

The result will be much more professional. A good feature of this approach is that any custom field set to show as a column will be exported along with other data. That gives you the option for project designations, staff member ID, etc. You will also get the invoicing status, in case you are reporting time spent but not invoiced.