Billable Time to Sales Invoice

Is there any way to control how Manager creates Sales Invoice line items from Billable Time? Specifically, I am wondering if there is a way to get custom fields from a billable time entry to migrate to the sales invoice line item.

I have a “Project” custom field set up on Billable Time that I’d love to see on the sales invoice.

there has been a recent update which allows automatic copying of the contents of a custom field between different tabs.
so if the heading of a custom field in Billable time is an exact match with the heading of a custom field created for Sales Invoices, the contents should be copied.

make sure you update to the latest version before you try this.

Sadly no, this isn’t working for Billable Time to Sales Invoice. I have created a custom field on Billable Time called “Project”. It is a pick list. On Sales Invoice Line Item, I created a custom field called “Project”. There is no option on line items to choose the custom field type.

I create Billable Time entries and select a Project for each one. I create a Sales Invoice from Uninvoiced totals on the Customer page. The Sales Invoice line items have blank Project values.

What @sharpdrivetek suggested will not work, as you discovered while I was writing this response. Here is why.

Custom fields on billable time entries apply only to the entry. They are informational. They are not picked up when creating a sales invoice. The process of creating sales invoices from uninvoiced billable time and expenses is entirely different from the copying or cloning processes @sharpdrivetek mentioned.

While billable time custom fields can be set to show as columns, and do, you may have noticed there is no viewable document for a billable time entry. Therefore, even if you check the box to show on printed documents, that checkbox has no effect. So there is nothing to copy as per @sharpdrivetek’s suggestion.

Custom fields that are now copyable from one transaction form to another are also only the form-level custom fields, not line-item custom fields, even if labels are identical. Line-item custom field contents on one transaction form would rarely, if ever, be applicable on a different type form.

On the other hand, when forms are cloned, line-item custom fields and content are carried forward.

So at present, the only way to influence how sales invoice line items show up from billable time entries is by putting information in the Description field. Is that right?

I wondered, then, how custom fields on billable time were helpful besides showing in the Billable Time tab. I tried running the Billable Time report and don’t see any data, let alone the custom fields.


They are not. As I wrote earlier, they are informational. But because they can be shown in the tab listing, you can sort and search by them, then export for other purposes, if you want.

Your two screen shots don’t go together. If you have properly entered the billable time entries (and it looks like you have, although you don’t include the status column), they will show in a report covering the time period when they were entered. That is true regardless of whether they have been invoiced or not. You should see a line on the report for Wise Men Consultants, Inc. showing additions of 546.00. The only way I can think of to obtain the report you shows is to either delete the billable time entries completely or edit them and delete the customer.