Challenges when creating custom report for billable time

Creating a custom report for billable time is buggy. Is this the correct place to report this?

First, even if I only choose one field it always shows duplicates.
Second, when I add the sales invoice field, it shows me the ID of the invoice, not the human readable reference #. I’ve tried also using the quote number and order number fields and it doesn’t make a difference.
Third, when I try to filter by a specific invoice, the “is” and “is not” operands don’t let me put anything in the search field. It always tells me no matches found but never gives me the chance to actually put an invoice number/ID in.

It would be if there were actually a bug. There isn’t, so I edited your title.

That is because Manager is a double-entry accounting system. If you want only one leg of the transaction, you need to add a filter. (A “Where…” statement.)

Describing things does not work very well when trying to obtain help with a custom report. Post the definition of your best attempt, then post the results. And do it directly in the forum, not with outside links, which will be deleted. (They are security risks for other forum members.)

Again, we don’t know what you actually did, only what you describe in general terms. Odds are there is nothing in your database for the variable you are trying to show.

Okay, not a bug.
I’m not sure what to use for the where statement to only show one leg.
I didn’t see the upload button the first time. I reattached the screenshots.
I’m not using any custom fields for this.

You are querying the database of billable time entries. You might do better to query postings to the Billable time - invoiced account. The database you are looking in only has the UUID for the sales invoice the time entry was linked to.

There are others on the forum with more experience building custom reports than I have. I almost never use them in my real businesses.

Thank you! You solved my problem. I was trying to create a report that listed the actual hours worked (which I was obviously failing at). With your hint, I was able to create a report for the billable time account using the where clause to filter to a specific invoice and while it gives me dollar amounts instead of hours, I found that the description column uses the description of the billable time entries and not the description of the invoice. I can work with that. Ultimately, the report is now giving me exactly what I needed. I didn’t realize it stored accounts like that.

This is the first custom report I’ve needed. Normally I just bill for time worked as it’s worked, but in this case my client asked to purchase a block of time for a specific project and I haven’t done that before. So I invoiced them the amount, and then as I entered billable time I just assigned it to that existing invoice. But I could see that keeping track of time going towards that block was going to get messy because anything not going towards that project needs to be billed as usual. Once the sum of this report is zero, all of the block time will be used. I feel the headache going away already.