Missing Edit Theme Button

I recently updated to the latest Version Manager 16.11.74. But seems like the Edit Theme Button is missing.

And can anyone help me to align Authorized Signature & Customer Signature in one line which one in left another on in right line. ?

Edit Theme is only available when you are viewing a form that is presented in a custom theme. First create the custom theme under Settings => Themes. You can edit it directly after creating it or view a form and click the button.

Late edit: a recent update makes the Edit Theme button available no matter which theme is being used. If selected while using a built-in theme, an entry screen for a new custom theme is automatically generated.

Can i just edit current theme without creating a new one. ?

No. Built-in themes cannot be edited, because people could so easily ruin them. Read about creating custom themes in the release note: [16.11.24] Added ability to create custom themes.

Okay Tut, thanks…

One more thing, about aligning both authorized signature and customer signature in one line… How can i do it?

Hi Tut,

How can I make the newly created Themes (for Tax Invoice) as the default, previously it was the default, with one of the updates, the default keeps on going back to In-Built, which has the word Invoice alone. Please advice

at present it is not possible to set the default theme.
but Manager will remember the theme when you set the theme for any document so the next time you open the same document it will show the user selected theme.

ability to set a default theme may be implemented in future updates.

Changes to how default theme is set have been promised by the developer.