Theme Button Missing in Latest Update

Theme Button Missing in Latest Update

have you searched the forum? there have been changes with the addition of Form Defaults feature.

Cannot find form defaults in Sales Invoice to revert to the GST Theme I was using before the update.
( I can see my custom theme in the themes section but don’t know how to activate it. )
Please help

search the forum and read the guides.
custom theme can be selected on sales invoice edit screen.

In 18.1.88 the button is missing on the sales invoice page when a new Invoice is created. It is a bug.

Even the activate option for custom themes is not available in the above noted version i.e 18.1.88.
Activate option is available for all the built in themes.

there is no use of activate button for custom theme.
it is required only for built-in themes.

Even in Form Defaults - Under Sales Invoice the option for custom theme is not available. ( What version you are using ? )


it would be better if you first read and understand the guides properly. everything is clearly mentioned in the guides.

In the latest version, to set custom theme, you will need to check Custom Theme button on transaction form, then select your custom theme.

To avoid selecting custom theme on each new transaction manually, take advantage of Form Defaults as described above. Form Defaults will allow you to set starting theme for new transactions so when new transactions are created, Custom theme checkbox will be automatically checked with your desired theme.

This is not available for the sales invoice in the latest version when you want to use custom themes under form defaults

read the guide for Form Defaults completely. everything is clearly mentioned there.

@nitinraheja, you are quoting the release note, which does not explain everything. Read the Guide: Manager Cloud.