Migrating Customer Files Ghost Data

Another post regarding batch operations and cloning part of a company’s records. I am using the desktop version for Linux.

Physical location requirements necessitated having the Customer part of the database accessible at POS but without having the entire accounting record co-located there.

My Customer records include 20 custom fields. 637 records.

I tried first creating a new business that was configued to only use the Customer function.

I made all the Customer fields visible in the existing company, then used the export function and copied them all to clipboard. I pasted the clipboard into an OfficeLibre Calc spreadsheet and everything looked good.

I opened the new company Customer section and pasted all into the batch create window. Then used the Batch Create function. The customer records were created without any of my 20 custom fields.

The best solution was tedious but workable.

I backed up my existing company (all the data), then created a new company using Add Business> Import Business and using the backup file just created.

On this cloned business I deleted all the things I didnt want, receipts, bank accounts, sales, etc. using the batch delete operation in each section. Fortunatley I found deleting records that pesisted because they were linked to others was fairly easy with the drilldown functionality available.

I was able to pare away everything else and just have my Customer records with the custom fields.

OR so I thought. The orginal company file was 28kb and the cloned and pared down one is 30kb.

So I guess all that data I though was deleted is still in the file, just not useable?

Check your History tab, it contains the original 28kb of info plus 2kb more for the changes made.

See this guide for more info.

To get rid of the History records, you need to backup your business and uncheck the History box.

Thank you! I misread the original file sizes. Those were actualy 28MB and 30MB. After doing as you suggested the new file size is 836Kb.