Merging multi-currency in one sales invoice

One of the Manager’s cloud client in my Country has asked if there is a possibility of merging more than one currency in the same sales invoice e.g the first column shows say USD currency and the second one displays the exchanged USD amount in Tanzania Shillings (TZS).

No. Sales invoices are in a single currency, that of the customer. How could it be otherwise? How would a customer know how much to pay if two currencies are used and exchange rates fluctuate?

Thanks got u.

@benyananiah We are trying to get this implemented into Manager and the developer has confirmed he will add this in the next 1-2 months.
This is the thread for that: Secondary currency on invoices
There are many countries that allow you to issue invoices in foreign currencies but they insist that you mention the equivalent amount in local currency. I hope this helps

Thanks for clarification.

To be clear, the idea @Leifur linked to envisions an equivalent calculation of the total balance in the base currency, not issuance of a sales invoice in multiple currencies. Accounting would be accomplished as is currently done, however. The equivalent calculation would be informational.

@benyananiah’s suggestion was for two simultaneous amounts, in separate columns. That is a very different thing.

Thanks for that. Let us wait for that base currency some how will be helpful to the customer who needed it.