Multiple currency on Bank Accounts

Dear Manager forum.

Its my pleasure to join the group of this amazing financial software. I’m 2 days in it but I need help.

  • Is it possible to have 2 currencies or bank accounts with different currencies e.g. USD & Euro without indicating all the different amounts in the balance sheets i.e. fluating the amount be it revenues.

You can have as many different bank accounts in as many currencies as you want. Read the Guides:

By default, all bank accounts will be reported on the balance sheet in the control account, Cash at bank. All foreign currencies will be converted into your base currency according to exchange rates you define.

I do not know what you mean by this.

Thank you @Tut for feedback. well how can I set my exchange rate in the manager so that when I use different currencies it will reflect in the balance sheet with my base currency

In the Settings tab:

  • First set your Base Currency
  • Then define any Foreign Currencies
  • Then set Exchange Rates