Same VAT code but different currency

Hello ! I am a middle eatern user and I am a new user for this great software. I’m just asking if this is possible to put the ammount of the VAT in 2 different currencies in the same sales invoice, because this is something required in my country.
let’s say the amount of the VAT=10 $
the same ammount in LBP (Lebanese pound)= 15075 LBP
Can we show the 2 ammounts on the same sales invoice?

No. Currency of any invoice is set by the currency you have designated for the customer or supplier, as the case may be. Only one currency is possible for a customer or supplier.

Thank you sir!!
is there any possibilities to set up a code for that request?

Is the secondary vat currency only a “reporting” value? In this case you can display it in a custom field at line level…

Sorry, but that would completely contradict the way the program works. Manager would not know how to treat a customer or supplier. Which currency would it use?