Merging customers

Can I combine 2 existing accounts as the companies have merged? If so how do I do it?

To clarify. These are companies that we have supplied and they therefore have receipts shown under each name but from now on they want them shown together under the combined company name

just because the companies have merged it is not legally correct to modify transactions that occurred earlier. you can transfer the balances by journal entry to any company name and then use this company name for future transactions.

by the way your topic title and your question are completely unrelated. please edit and change accordingly.

I edited the title.

Your customers have no right to dictate how you keep your accounting records. Create a new customer for the combined company. Make the old ones inactive.

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Thanks for the clarification.
As for the topic title and question being unrelated I do not understand what you mean. The topic says i want to merger customers and the questions asks how to do that

the title was edited correctly by @Tut.
you had it incorrectly titled Manager Desktop backup.