Customer &supplier account

Dear Sir,
Thank you for all support. I am using Manager, it is very help for making business easier. But now I am facing a problem, I have some cutomer, some times I bought some product from them, so how can I link both of account? please give me advise with picture.

You can not link them. Simply create Customer/Supplier with same name (or with some suffix/prefix) and use those.

It means I can not prepare same customer & same supplier ledger together. If I want to check their ledger, check it individually?

No, you create then separately and then transfer amounts between them using a Journal
There use to a Guide, but I can’t see it on or follow the new Guide structure

would you please help me to create journal entry, with picture?

well, you can post say purchase invoices as sales invoices against expense/BS account and enter negative amount. This will allow to prepare single statement with all transactions but will introduce mess.

Or you can export statements for Supplier and Customer and merge them in Excel to prepare single statement

I think it is user not friendly to normal user, I think if there any option marge supplier & customers account,that could be very helpful for the user, when I create customer & supplier account, that need a option the cress ledger.

Say that the business who is both a Customer and Supplier is called ABC Company and you have activity as both. You process both the Sales Invoices & the Purchases Invoices as per normal and then transfer (offset) the lessor balance against the larger balance with a Journal between the Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable accounts.

ok, this could be a solution, but it could be a auto cross ledger. Hope this option will be added with Manager.

The solution provided is the Manger “option” for transferring balances between Customers & Suppliers.

The Guides are under revision, and some things are not where they used to be. Because the situation of one entity being both supplier and customer is handled with a journal entry, it is now located under the Journal Entries group of How To… Guides: Enter suppliers | Manager. It may have some obsolete information, as it is scheduled for revision in the near future.