Cascading Business files

I’m having a conversation with someone I’m trying to talk into using Manager (because I love it so much!).

They are involved in a Non-Profit organisation that runs a number of smaller “business units” within the organisation.

Is there any way they can create multiple business files (one for each business unit) that operate separately from each other, but then have one master business file that reads in the summary data from each of the business unit files. The master file could then produce overall reports for a management committee while the lower level files would be used only to operate their individual activities.

I’ve only ever used the desktop version myself - so is something like this possible in the server / multi user versions, or is there a way to link to this data from a single user file?


This is not possible. The closest you could get would be to use tracking codes for the different business units. (That is what they were designed for.) But tracking code reporting extends only as far as profit and loss statements. Currently, consolidated reporting would have to be created outside Manager by exporting various reports and combining them in a spreadsheet.

Thanks Tut. Not what I was hoping - but I can stop looking now. :+1:

@pcal - have a read of this topic Need help with consolidation and intercompany transfers noting point 3, which uses Manager as the consolidator.