Merging businesses

Is there a way to combine the data from two businesses into one?

We have a multi-currency situation where we not only buy and sell in various currencies, we maintain separate bank accounts in the main currencies in which we deal. To accommodate this, we have created three separate businesses; Business 1 (Euro), Business 2 (GBP) and Business 3 (USD).

When multi-currency is implemented in Manager Accounts we will need to combine these three businesses back into one. Will this be possible or will we need to re-enter all the data from the two smaller businesses?

It should be possible by the time you will need it. Basically you will need to export your transactions from secondary entities in CSV format and then import them into primary entity.

That’s excellent news. We continue to appreciate this excellent package. Many thanks for your prompt reply.

When can we expect this feature. Its bit URGENT for me.

Is there any update on this capability?