Import data from "Businesses" accounts

I like Manager it does a lot of task I need it do.
However it would be nice to have feature to Group Busineses and have one Group Business Account to see all the summaries.

Let me explain what I mean.

I have 5 “Businesses” setup in manager…
Summary Account
Family Income & Expenditures
Properties Income
Business 1 - Consulting/Translations/Interpreting
Business 2 - Online Website Sales/eBay/Amazon etc

I use the Summary Account to include all the other 4 businesses income.

It would be ideal if there is an option to import data from other “businesses” that update dynamically like in Excel Sheets getting the data from another sheets.

What you are asking is called “consolidation” and Manager doesn’t support it. I do plan to add it but this is literally the last thing on the roadmap.


Thanks as long it is on your roadmap. It would really add value to Manager.
You can add it as a paid module for desktop edition.