Masking Inventory Details on Quotes and Invoices for Customers

Hopefully the forum can assist on the below:

Is there a way to produce a quotation that produces a less detailed list of your inventory when you hit create?

For example, when you add all of your inventory in the quotation required for the job, I would like this to be hidden when issued to a client, but still be captured in inventory expenses.

Can this also be done when you create the correlating invoice to the quote?

I know that some accounting packages allow users to present a customer summary version of these two documents. We’ve looked to see how this might be done using existing setups, and searched through forum posts and questions, but scratching my head now as I can’t work out how to do it.



Sales quotes have no impact on anything. They are not transactions. So you can put anything you want into one. Or leave anything out.


Thanks Tut. Will look for a workaround then.

Thinking more about this, I realized you could actually write a custom theme to suppress whatever you want. But it would be a daunting challenge, and I have no idea what obstacles you would discover along the way.

But why would you want to in the first place? I cannot imagine a customer being willing to pay an invoice on which you did not detail what you were selling.

I was thinking about this recently and perhaps every transaction needs 2 views. Internal copy and customer/supplier/employee etc copy. Internal copy would contain all data conceived on data-entry form.


Providing a service such as rewire a house. Want to deduct inventory such as wire switches data points etc but not necessarily tell the customer exactly what goes into it snd at what price

You legend Lubos.

Meanwhile I was thinking that when we use inventory we could perhaps issue it out of stock and record the invoice or job number (if required) as back reference.