Hide Unit Price & total Price in Quotation & Invoice

Hello team,

is there any way that i can hide the unit price and total price of the items from sales quotation and sales invoice. the thing is we are running a service oriented company, some times we will supply products also and installation as service, so we dont want to show the product price individually and total of the products. but the product which we are giving should minus from inventory also profit and loss statement it should show the details. in sales quote and invoice i need to show the service charge, we will add the price of products in service charge. please help me


You can hide the total price on a sales quote. See https://www.manager.io/guides/7238. But this is meant for situations where you offer several options and do not want to sum them.

You might not want to show this information, but your customers are unlikely to pay bills that do not specify the prices. And your tax regulations certainly will require pricing information on the tax invoice.

You can manually edit any price to include anything you want. But this is no way to manage inventory.

Using Production Orders may be a solution.

The production order item could be called, say, “Supply and Install Packing Machine”.

This will appear as one line in Sales Quotes and Sales Invoices without showing the individual details of Inventory Items used.

A Sales Quote could be issued with none of the production items in stock, then when sale is confirmed create a further production order item and issue Sales Invoice.

I do not think a production order is an appropriate solution. This will create inventory items that do not exist and requires input inventory item(s) and non-inventory costs that will be posted to Inventory on hand. That will distort the value of assets with production that has not occurred and would be very poor accounting practice.

Performing an installation of equipment is a form of production. The installation becomes an inventory item, albeit for a very short time, and is immediately sold to the customer. It does not distort the value of assets and appropriately records the transaction in terms of accepted accounting practice.

I think a lot of accountants would disagree. The labor of installation never produces anything owned by the business. Its benefits accrue solely to the customer.

Otherwise known as Work-in-progress, but stored under Inventory-on-hand until invoiced.
In fact, one could create a Custom Control Account (made up of Inventory Items) called Work-in-progress, and have the Production Order output Inventory Item assigned to it where it remains financially stored until it is invoiced, then there is no distortion of assets values and an appropriate accounting practice…

Yes it does, un-invoiced Work-in-progress.