Marking an Invoice paid

I use this software a few times a year to update my accounts and to send my books to my accountant. I am getting a bit frustrated that each year something has changed and it can not be used the same as i did the previous year.

Last year for a paid invoice i would go to the invoice, click paid and select where it was paid. This has now gone so i can not mark payments as paid. Can someone help with how i now do this.

Also last year i could enter recurring expenses. I have a few monthly expenses that are the same amount eatch year like paying for this software but now i find i need to put each month in individually. Is this right or can someone tell me how this can be done. I have to be honest I love the programme and have been with it for a number of years but with me not now being able to do what i want to do I am thinking of making the quickbooks step or something which i really did not want to do

Please can someone help?

Just click on “New Receipt”…

Manager advances very rapidly, sometimes changing several times in a day. If you want a static program, this is not the one for you.

Your description is not how the program has ever worked. For instructions on receiving money against invoices, read this Guide:

Your memory is faulty. Recurring expenses have never been a feature of the program. You can create recurring purchase invoices, though, so that may be what you remember. You can still do it. Read this Guide: Also, if payments are similar to previous ones, you can clone the old one and edit it before creating a new one.