Markdown no longer working for me after update

I’ve been using Markdown in my sales invoice notes, just # for headings and _ for italics.

This was working perfectly previously but I updated recently to v16.9.70 (I hadn’t updated in a few months) and now I simply see the actual # and _, instead of the converted headings and italics I expected and used to see.

Is this a bug, or perhaps intentionally changed feature in the new version? Is there a new style of formatting I should be using?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Markdown is no longer supported in Notes field. Now you must use HTML.

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Massive thanks Tut! I only did a quick search before posting but now feel quite dopey having reposted something that I can see with a full search has been answered.

I did notice that only heading tags 1-4 work now, while I was using 5 & 6 in Markdown, so I guess I will just use some manual bolding and font sizing instead.