Mapping salaries & expense claim to payment

As we set off receivables and payables against the actual bank debit and credit, it will be good if we have option to set off employees due when paid by company.
Because when there is a pending salary or salaries paid in part or paid combined with expense claim, fneed to work out the full list to find which month salary not paid or which expense claim not paid.

In Manager, you do not pay specific payslips or expense claims of employees. You pay liabilities to the employees in Employee clearing account. See Pay employees | Manager.

Dear Tut, In Manager, you can’t deny the later versions got good things which were not existing earlier.
i know how the employee liabilities paid, im using it for last 3 years. what i said is an idea which improves performance. afterall why do we need a computer system is to automate or ease the repeat identical works or to systemize by intelligence or by standard.

In terms of programming or in the existing manager system structure, what do you think there is difficult in clearing the employee liability against the specific payslip or the specific expense claim.
fairly i do not know why it can not be done similar to accounts payable, you select the employee, and select the specific pending payslip either full or partial.

Please try to understand the situation where an employee has different pay amount of more than one or two months and many expense claims. when he gets paid an X amount . sure it reduces his balance due, but how do the employee or employer know which due got cleared and which is pending to claim or followup.
we can’t expect all companies pay the employee dues promptly on every month. we are lucky if we get so and then we dont need bother what is paid and what is not , you see:. :slight_smile:

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I have no idea whether this is difficult or easy. I was only explaining how the program works. What you ask for is an extra layer of complexity that does not currently exist. You can, however, accomplish much the same thing by using custom fields for payslips and expense claims. Set them to show as a column. Offer options for status, such as Unpaid and Cleared. You will quickly be able to see, when drilling down in the respective tabs, what remains to pay.

Hi @lubos,
Can you see the requirement is fair, can you please add it to the ideas.

I think it would be a cool feature to have :wink:

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@ismail if you look under the “bugs” category you see two topics. You use to be able to select individual payslip like you can with purchase invoices. This was changed when the bug topics were created.

Oh, so there is a chance to get the function back after fixing if any bugs.
Thanks Bruc, hope lubos will look into it.

Having many employees will always mean there always possibility to have salaries that’s no paid for so many reasons. I really find it difficult to get a list of unpaid salaries for any particular month. I tried for one month and I had to check each employee account to identify the non paid salaries, which of course I didn’t finish due to the time it require. I now Manager doesn’t have a report to show the required information, but I was wondering if there is a possibility to make a custom report showing in a selected period employees earned salaries (individual row for each employee) and what is paid in the same selected period.

@lubos I wish you could look into the possibility of making the link between earned salaries and paid salaries similar to Suppliers and Customers linking procedure: where you can select the employee name during payment enter then another field appear where you can select the payslip that this payment is made for. I believe then we could have the desired report.

Thanking your consideration

Unpaid salaries would show up in the Employees account in the Liabilities section of the Balance Sheet

Generating the payslip would increase the balance on a employee’s account and this would go back to zero when the payment was made

Maybe I didn’t myself clear.

I know that, but if you want to know who didn’t receive May salary for example, you have to check one by one.

If they didn’t receive their salary, there will be a balance outstanding on their account.

I presume that most, it not all, of the time the balance will be zero

Also, if you have a number of employees I would advise that you think about using a Payroll package rather than Manager to administer your payroll processing