When I create payslip for employee, the amount will be automatically displayed to expenses under Salary & Wages even if I did not pay him yet at the same time it also appear to payable under Employee clearing Account. I think it will be better that it can only be added to expenses once it is paid at the same time it will disappear from Payable under Employee Clearing Account.

Creating a payslip and making the payment for that payslip are two separate transactions.
Before you can pay you need to create the liability to pay - hence the payslip debiting the expense and crediting the Employee Clearing account. Then later you pay out the liability.

Similar to taking up a Supplier’s invoice and paying it later - the Employee is the supplier of labour.
You don’t take up the expense relating to the supplier when you pay them, but when you process the invoice.

@sainrex, your thinking also indicates you are thinking in terms of cash basis accounting. As a company’s financial affairs get more sophisticated, cash basis accounting becomes less and less representative of its true position. Accrual basis accounting is more representative of both position and performance. When the employee does the work, you have incurred the expense, even if you haven’t paid the employee what you owe him/her yet.