Manufacturer link to sales

Thank for creating the best manufacturer, but I some questions, how to link with the sale, example I have 3 item, item A, item B, item C become "ABC full set, now I had try to use the manufacturer to create the item ABC become ABC full set, it work well, but it need to create manual, possible to make it shortcut with just choose the ACB full set(just create at manufacturer) in the invoice for sale and it will automatically reduce the item A item B item C at the inventory? Any solution for this? Because if special promotions it really need it such as the (fast food we just select the burger set and it will automatically reduce the buger, juice and french fries.)

Yeah, this has been discussed number of times and I’m planning to add support for this pretty soon.


Thank lubos, hope you can add in this few month, so hard for me to create an item manual everyday. Hope can get it asap.

Added to the latest version (15.0.85).

You will need to go to Settings tab, then enable Inventory Kits module.

There you can create your inventory kits such as

Once you create at least one inventory kit, you can go to sell it the same way you sell regular inventory items. The only difference is that inventory kits don’t hold any quantity. They are assembled by Manager automatically upon sale so if you sell inventory kit, quantity of the parts specified in bill of materials will be reduced.

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Thank you for adding this feature it works great for what i needed.

How do I sell a kit? I’ve added inventory items and made a kit, but if I try to do a Sales Quote or Sales Invoice, the inventory items and invetory kit don’t show up at all. I can’t even search for them. I’m running the latest version on windows (15.1.4)