Package - Inventory Items

Is it possible to group multiple inventory items into a package that can be added to the sales invoice.

For Example, Package 1 has Item 1, Item 2.
Package 2 has Item 2 and 3.

If I add Package 1 to the sales invoice it would perform the inventory management by subtracting item 1 and item 2 from my inventory.

Yes. With the manufacturing tab you can do that. You can take multiple items from inventory and create a separate item to put back into inventory for sale again.

I think these may be two slightly different things. Manufacturing would convert (perhaps one day using a manufacturing BOM) multiple components into one assembly that you sell.

The poster here is (as I interpret it) looking more for a PTO (Pick To Order) BOM. That is customer orders one item (Kit) but systematically you pick and ship all the separately stocked items in the Kit.

That’s starting to look for some complex ERP type functionality! Interesting though.

Kits are a bit more what I was looking for. In my type of business clients buy an item, but then there are certain supplies that are used in the final item that is bought which comes included in the cost of the item. I was looking to create Supply Kits which include the items required to complete the item purchased by the client.

I would want to show it on the invoice as a Supply Kit 1 or Supply Kit 2. I will see what I can find in the Manufacturing Tab to see if it helps.

I’m planning to implement this. Basically you will be able to create special inventory items which will have associated BOM.

When you sell this inventory item, Manager will deduct inventory item quantities as per BOM.

There are already some users waiting for this feature (this is not a new feature request). It should be added in April.

@Lubos I have a diagram I am working on concerning inventory and store management, I will post it by the end of this week for discussion.

:heart: Manager and happy contributing to this software buildup. I visit here more than Facebook

Thanks that would be great. I look forward to the update.

Support for inventory kits has been added today. See Manufacturer link to sales