Manager update won't open?

Hi Folks,
I’ve just downloaded version 16.10.8 onto a desktop using kubuntu 14.04 and the program does not open. Version 16.3.15 has been running perfectly.
I’m currently using 16.9.98 on my netbook using lubuntu 16.04 and this also runs perfectly, but 16.9.98 will also not open on the desktop.
I need to have the same version on both machines for backup purposes.
Any suggestions or help would be really appreciated.

What about updating the desktop kubuntu to 16.04 so that the Operating Systems are matching to eliminate that variation as the cause

@Brucanna.Hi and thank you for your reply and suggestion. However, what puzzles me is why does 16.3.15 work perfectly on the kubuntu 14.04 system and not later versions?
Also, I downloaded directly from the Manager site onto the desktop and didn’t try to copy the .deb file from the 16.04 netbook. So there was no possibility of files not being compatible between systems. The two newer versions,16.9.98 &16.10.8 just don’t open at all on the desktop.

What version of Mono do you have installed on Kubuntu 14.04?

When new versions of Manager are released, they might be taking advantage of newer features available in newer versions of Mono only. This would explain why the latest version wouldn’t work on 14.04 and would work on 16.04.

Upgrading to the latest version of Mono on Kubuntu 14.04 could resolve the issue.

@lubos. Thanks lubos, I did as you suggested and upgraded mono. Now working perfectly on my 14.04. Just downloaded 16.10.8 and all’s well.
Keep up the great work on a stunning program!