Change position of Tabs

When I select all the items, it becomes at time difficult to scroll down to the last item or item which is down.

Although all the tabs are important but some are more and some are less.

I know you have placed all the tabs in line already as per their common use, but still if possible can you do this for us @lubos , it will bring more flexibility to Manager.

If the above suggestion seems not viable can you chabge position of some tabs like reports, settings, customization to top of the page along with User, Preference,etc.

Thanks & Regards.

  1. You should only select the items (tabs) you actually use.
  2. This concept of the User arranging the tabs to suit their priority order has been requested many times.

What sort of business needs all the tabs?

any type of manufacturing and trading concern.

Then you don’t need Billable Time and Billable Expenses tabs. Correct?

They need
Receipt Payment
Debit & Credit Note
Fixed Assets


Giving ability to reorder tabs means you will never be able to navigate Manager blindly. The idea of tabs being in fixed order is that over long time, you can develop muscle memory and navigate Manager without really thinking too hard where you are clicking.

I will implement shortcuts so if there is a tab that’s difficult to click on, you will be able to get there by shortcut.

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It can also be done that
You can create a Head “Database”
under which we have sub-head

  1. Bank
  2. Customer
  3. Supplier
  4. Employee
  5. Inventory Items
  6. Fixed Assets

This will certainly help to fit all tabs in one screen.

Thanks a ton @lubos

I have also mentioned this thing ( Shortcut keys Concept )

Thanks for hearing us.

If you are going to add shortcuts then please consider shortcut of Create, Delete & Update too.:stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance.:wink: You are best.