Manager System Requirement

Hi there, I need some help. I’ve tried to install manager to my old pc, but it did not successful installed. The message box said that my PC does not support Manager. Even though I use the latest Windows.

May I know the minimum requirement for PC to install Manager? In term of bit, OS, Windows etc.

Pls someone help me.

The only system requirement is listed on the Download page: Download | Manager. What version of Windows are you actually using? “Latest Windows” is not helpful.

How old is your PC?

There was pop up message saying “Manager cannot be installed on system with. NET Framework version lower than 4.5.1”

What does it mean? I dont understand.

Telling us the complete error message or messages at the beginning would have gotten you an answer to your problem more quickly. The message means exactly what it says. You must have at least .NET Framework 4.5.1 installed on your machine. Download it from Microsoft. If you really had the “latest Windows” you would already have this.

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Yeah. Unfortunately, my windows is not the latest one. Sorry. :pray::pray:

Btw, thanks for your help. Really appreciate it. :clap: