Manager Server

Hi ,
We have bought and using the Manager Server Version.
We have 2 new colleagues starting work,

  1. Do we Install the Server Version on their PCS too or just the Desktop Version?
  2. Can the logon remotely and work on the Server?

Choosing the server edition requires that you have the IT resources and knowledge to install and manage it. Create new users and assign permissions according to the Guides.

You install nothing on the new employees’ computers.

agree other than a web link / bookmark to their sever.

agree that is a risk. If not the cloud version is likely to be more economical when all support costs are include.

It is cheaper to use the Cloud version. We use the Server Edition not for cost saving but for data-protection reasons but many people use QB, Xero, etc in the cloud so Manager Cloud version is similarly easy, you get the hardware (cloud servers are used), Manager updates, backups and security that you otherwise have to manage yourself.