Server edition

In my country there are some entities which are interested in Manager’s Server edition but the want to know how will it work through internet, is by using special IP address in multi-user mode? Or by which means in relation to internet access?

By the very fact of asking this question, this shows that they are lacking the technical expertise to install, manage and operate the server version.

Either they need to acquire this expertise by employing an suitable IT person or consider using the Cloud version

Nooo! At all. May be you have not understood what they meant. They have their own IT officer, but what they want is the clarification in using the server edition vesus internet that will it work any where using just internet though it is server edition and under what IP? They’re about to make the decision as you know this server edition was just introduced few Months ago.

Server edition will obviously run over the Internet. When we say cloud edition, it’s basically server edition run by us. We run exactly the same software. So anything cloud edition can do, server edition can do as well by definition. There is free trial so their IT officer can download and evaluate the software on their own without any upfront commitment.

Thanks sir for clarification, I just replied them like that but I wanted the assurance of what I adviced them if was okay. All right I give them the go ahead tu purchase it. Thanks.

You should recommend a free trial first, not an immediate purchase.

Okay thanks, I’ll do so.