Manager server on VPS Debian server

Needed help. Many time are discussed about manager server edition installation on Windows and Ubuntu. I have VPS Debian 9 server. Have installed Mono (latest version) and ManagerServer 18.1.89 (according installation tutorials). Into VPS server i have installed GUI, VNC server and WEB browser. So, i can remotely connect to this server via outside IP and test some programs via inside web browser. I have configured external IP and domain name (port :8080 it’s always open) and had trying connect via internet . I can not connect to ManagerServer. Show me only VPS start page. Trying to run (test) ManagerServer via inside server installed browser ( but application not run too. ManagerServer not run for me on my VPS server. I not want to connect from outside this moment because connection from outside i can make later. Now i want to run manager only inside VPS server. How to do it?

i am not very familiar with ubuntu.
but many users have had some trouble with mono. some solutions were already provided.
it would be better if you could search the forum regarding this and try them.

I have reinstalled OS now. Big problems with Mono on Debian. Today i install Ubuntu 16.04. I’m not sure that Ubuntu will not have a same problems. Anyway Ubuntu and Debian are not Arch Linux range OS. Every simple OS have specific problems. Have checked topics and tutorials about Mono on Ubuntu. Very more samples and ideas but all of them are not finished. Needed to try

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I have configured Manager Server edition on Centos7 with Mono, Apache, Mod-SSL, SSLProxy. Reliable and fast. Easy to set up. Make certain you enforce SSL and proxy to the Manager Server port to secure communications.

Simple to install on Centos7 ? I can select Ubuntu, Debian and Centos7 on my VPS. Have tried to install on Debian and Ubuntu but get a same - not work Mono. Apache and SSL work without problems on them. Very bad that can’t install Arch. With Arch no any problems. Maybe needed to try on Centos7? Can you help me with settings?

For Centos7, take a look at Centos7 cheat-sheet

Very thanks. I will try to install Manager on Centos7

Hi @Gediminas,

Just following up to see if you had success installing on Centos using the informaiton that I provided.

Hello David,

I was trying to install on Centos 7. Your sent me code have some faults. Ex.: for file link needed to include path. Idea is very good ant it must work if have good experience on Centos 7. So, i was trying but not work for me. I back now to Debian 9. Now server work but i can’t solve other problem. Find a misunderstanding on VPS server basic packages. Together can not work Apache2 and Nginx or they must have different IP ports. So, disable Apache2 and ManagerServer run good but have a problem according auto start. After rebooting server also reboot and Nginx work fine but to run Manager i must initialize it manually. Samples in topics not work for me. Without any idea i’m now

Are you referring to the following?

ExecStart=/usr/bin/mono /opt/manager-server/ManagerServer.exe -port 9090 -path ‘/opt/manager-server-data’

Oh yes. Without Systemd it can’t work. I just start on Debian. Add some commands for systemd and it work now. I think that some problems always can be according different OS. Have installed manager-server on arch baser OS and most interesting that on arch i not have any problems or questions. So, as i think needed every time to check info about every OS and them versions because once it can work without problem but next time you can lose time and not get the desired result.

Everybody has their preference. I recommend sticking with RHEL or Centos - depending upon your budget :slight_smile:

Oh yes, Centos 7 or RHEL would be best choice. Budget is not important for me. If can install Arch, i will do it without long thinking because it very stable OS. I had installed in our PC’s very different OS but now use only arch based distributions. They simple to use and have very good support. With other OS we had many problems according stability and possibility to install specific software. Anyway Debian is better as Ubuntu although they very similar :smiley:

Hi, I could not run it on Debian but frankly could ran it on CentOS with ccs guide. Thank you.